The center of our life is the worship of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We love because God first loved us, so being regularly reminded of God's love demonstrated in the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ is our starting place. This Good News is the central message of the Bible, and it's what you'll hear taught in our worship services every week, from every part of the Bible, and in all its richness and relevance to our lives. It is also the central message of the Scriptural songs of praise (the Psalms) we sing and all the acts of worship in which we participate. Furthermore, because we are absolutely dependent on God for everything good in our lives, we strive to be a people who pray together regularly, on Sundays as well as throughout the week.
Around the center point of worship and prayer, we try to provide lots of opportunities for learning the Scriptures. Currently, we have Church School for both adults and children, which meets after Morning Worship. We are eager to provide opportunities to learn about the Christian faith to anyone interested, at any age, and from any walk of life.


The truth presented in the Bible is both propositions and a Person that those propositions concern. Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, demands all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. We seek to be people who actively practice the truth in love with heart, head, and hands. We find ways to serve and meet each others needs, grieving with those who grieve, and celebrating with those who rejoice. We seek to demonstrate Jesus' mercy to our community and beyond, giving of our time and resource to the needs of others through the Walton Ministerial Association's Food Bank, our Women's Missionary Fellowship (WMF), and other endeavors. We love to have meals together, which happens on a corporate level on a recurring basis after Morning Worship and Church School. If you visit then, please plan on staying!